breathtaking views of Queenstown, New Zealand

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

The apartments are at 14 Frankton Road. This is the last block of Frankton Road, just opposite the Copthorne Hotel.

The airport bus drops off opposite the Millenium Hotel, outside the Copthorne and then it is just a 100 metre walk towards town.

To get to town, there are three or four choices. My favourite is through Queenstown Gardens. Walk to the road, turn right and about 100 metres down the road, you come to a road junction. If you cross the road on a diagonal, you can walk down through lovely native bush to Queenstown Gardens. Here you turn right, cross Horne Creek and you are walking along the waterfront.

Otherwise, at the same road junction, cross the road and head down Coronation Drive for about 50 metres until you come to Hotops Rise. This takes you across Horne Creek and then to the post office and top of the mall.